Manuals & Instructions


We guarantee that Spark utilizes high quality materials, like gallivanted steel tubes, thick PCV covers, strong jump mat and safety net.  Under normal use and service conditions, you and your family will have fun with Spark trampolines for years.

Warranty of Spark Trampolines

Trampoline PartWarranty
Steel Frame Tubes3 Years
Jump Mat / Springs2 Years
Safety Enclosure / Pad1 year
Other parts1 Year

Warranty of Trampoline Accessories

Climbing Bar3 Year
Spark Roof 1 Year
Others 1 Year
Free item / GiftNo

If your SPARK is out of warranty and require for new parts, you can call our friendly staffs to purchase new parts. If you believe your SPARK has problem that troubles you and requires a warranty claim, please call us to arrange a solution for you at 1300 755 244.


Our delivery service covers all areas of Australia via National Courier Networks. They will require your:

  • Full destination address (NOT PO BOX)

  • Contact number and name

  • Prior instruction if you have any special request or Authority To Leave (ATL)

In case you are not available to collect your order and did not issue an Authority To Leave, you will need to collect the parcel that will be kept in their depot. 

When your order is successful, we will contact you to reconfirm your delivery details and inform you on any further delivery information before dispatching your orders. Once these are confirmed, we will start the delivery process and send a confirmation once it’s on its way to you. Below we have an estimated time frame for deliveries to reach your doorstep. These can vary throughout Christmas so we recommend to get in early to make sure you don’t miss out! 

If you would like to get ahead of our process, please do not be afraid and contact us on 1300 782 661 during our business hours and we can confirm your details and get your delivery as soon as possible!

Orders will be delivered to the nearest depot in rural areas. Please be sure to appoint someone to receive and sign for your orders safety purposes. You can instruct to leave the orders at your home without sign if you cannot be at home but we will not be responsible for the security of the orders once we leave them within your premises. We recommend you to get help in carrying the orders because the orders might be too heavy to handle alone.

This table is an approximate delivery time frames  and applies to all buyers.

QLD1 - 5 Days
NSW1 - 7 Days
ACT2 - 5 Days
VIC2 - 6 Days
SA3 - 8 Days
TAS4 - 8 Days
WA3 - 12 Days
NT5 - 12 Days

Our professional freight partners will deliver your order faster and safer

Site Planning

The right space is required for a trampoline.

Place your Spark trampoline and accessories on a flat, level surface that’s free of hazards such as furniture, walls, fence, and the area around the trampoline should be covered in soft, impact-absorbing material. Lawn, pine bark, wood chips or sand are good. Not paving or concrete!

There is an overhead clearance to avoid objects like clotheslines, trees and wires. At least two metres’ clearance on all sides and five metres overhead without hard obstacles.

Safety Instructions

Read and follow all instructions in the Installation Manual before using your Spark trampoline and accessories.  The owner and supervisors of the product take responsibility to make sure that all users are aware of the practices specified in the manual. Sandbags or anchors are suitable devices to secure your trampoline and prevent them from tipping over or blowing away.

  • Regularly check the trampoline and accessories, and make sure that every parts are in good good conditions, especially

    • jump mat and safety net don’t have holes

    • springs are intact and securely attached at both ends

    • frame is not bent

    • Support legs of climbing bar and swings are secured with anchors

  • Replace any worn, defective, or missing parts immediately with spark parts from Spark Trampolines only.

  • Check and clean the surface of the jump mat.

  • Ensure that the trampoline frame and pole padding is correctly fitted.

  • Avoid using the trampoline in heavy rain, strong wind or when it is wet.

  • Secure the trampoline properly and remove any ladder when not in use to protect against unauthorised use.

  • Use only Spark-made accessories with, or on, our trampolines.

  • Do not jump for so long that you become tired, and take breaks.

  • Do no jump immediately after a meal.

  • Do not use a trampoline while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Ensure that the user’s weight is less than 150 kg.

  • Wear clothing that is tight fitting, and that allows you to move freely.

  • Wear clothing that is free of drawstrings, hooks, loops, buckles, jewellery or anything that could get caught in the trampoline net or get hurt yourself.

  • Do not wear shoes while bouncing, unless they are designed for use on a trampoline and are well-fitted.

  • One person at a time on the trampoline. Accidents are more likely to occur when more than one child is playing on the trampoline.

  • Ensure your children learn basic bounces first before trying more complex actions – overconfidence can lead to injury.

  • Do not allow pets, any solid or sharp items onto the trampoline.

  • Jump only in the middle of the trampoline and don’t jump off the trampoline

  • Do not sit or walk on the edge of the trampoline and safety padding.

  • Supervise children while they’re using the trampoline. Take extra care with younger children as they are more prone to serious injury.

  • Keep toddlers away from the trampoline when it is in use and especially ensure they do not go underneath it. Infants can suffer serious injuries from falls, pinching and crushing if they use trampolines or are near a trampoline others are using.