About Us

Spark Trampolines is an Australian based company, for the research, development and sales of trampolines and trampoline accessories. Our team includes industrial designers and safety experts.

With advanced automatic welding machines, automatic powder coating equipment, bending and swaging machines, also with many high accurate testing equipment, we guarantee that our products can meet your high expectations and high quality standards.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline
Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline


Our mission is more than just trampolines with a strong technology background to help customers enhance their fun experiences.

We are the first company in the market to combine the trampoline with a swing, climbing bar and hanging set perfectly.


At Spark Trampolines, our target is to provide a safer, better and bouncier trampoline than any other. We aim to enrich and improve the active lifestyles of families all around Australia. We believe that our products will provide the happiness your family deserves.


Our vision is to provide our product to Australia, motivating and involving the public more in outdoor activities, utilising our safety and high performance to provide a great experience for all ages.

Core Ideology

Spark values you and your family, which is why we have place the utmost importance on delivery the best customer service and product available.

Spark is dedicated to support your healthy and active lifestyle. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and enhance our product and our service. We aim to provide the sparks of happiness for your family.

Spark handles quality and improvement with highest ethnic. We take any opportunity to enhance our services and products. So you can entrust you and your family’s happy hours with us.

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