Basketball Hoop Set

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The SPARK Basketball Hoop Set is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for kids of all ages, With better rebound and safer hoop, it is fantastic for encouraging kids to exercise outdoors and onto the trampoline. Our unique design has safety in mind and makes the attachment super quick and easy.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline
Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Safer Hoop

 Our safe hoop is flexible and rotates up on contact, and absorbs any impact to prevent injury to your child. With extra foam protection and fine mesh net, the basketball hoop is safe as well as fun.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Easy to Use

 Our Basketball Hoop Set is pre-assembled. All you need to do is to unfold the back arm, and attach onto a U clamp of top safety pole, and secure it with a screw.

Basketball Hoop Set 1

Better Rebound

 The heavier SPARK trampoline and almost unbreakable frame provide much more stable base for our Basketball Hoop. With a solid backboard, the ball will rebound effortlessly, allowing you to have fun as on the ground.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Free Ball and Pump

 Every Basketball hoop comes with a FREE Ball and pump. The pump comes with a standard needle suitable for many types of other balls.

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